Hand Crafted in Los Angeles

With the highest standards



We bomb our art in a Clean Room "Picasso can't touch this.." ISO 7 Standard facility.

FV is a Hand Crafted E-liquid.

We use high quality ingredients to master our flavors to meet $treet $tandards.


USPS VG & PG are Kosher/Food grade quality. USPS Grade Nicotine.


Each FV Batch is tested for flavor quality, consistency and vapor performance by highly trained FV Team member.



EACH FV BOTTLE is AND WILL always have:


A tamper proof seal & child proof cap

A slim, square dripper design that fits comfortably in your $treet wear.


A personal, hand written expiration date that meets our QPV tag.


A warning message that meets Ca. Prop. 65 standards.


A barcode SKU for inventory management "Don't get caught slippin, Keep Sound records."