Fumi Vapor - The Original 3



You are meant for greatness. You know this to your core. Breathe in...Mango, Guava and Melon...believe. Exhale and watch a million stars cover Hollywood Boulevard, Vine and Sunset as you make your way through the city of lights. Enjoy this vapor with your whole FV crew and become a Hollywood dream.



Close your eyes, inhale and give in to the honey melon candy, reminiscent of a popular chewy Japanese treat. Tokyo is a gorgeous honey dew confection with a whip finish that keeps you wanting more. If you are looking for an all day sweet treat, turn to Tokyo and experience the whip.

Venice Beach


Behold the cool ice cone experience of four different dark berries blended into the most refreshing vape experience imaginable. Venice Beach is the all day vape for that hot and sunny day. Bring a piece of So-Cal tradition to your vape party and drip VB.